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HydroHotshots is Expanding Through Franchising

Bismarck, North Dakota – HydroHotshots, a North Dakota based exterior power wash and maintenance business is expanding its popular concept through franchising.  Capitalizing on the growing trend of the energy boom occurring in North Dakota, much like the Gold Rush in California, HydroHotshots combines the two distinct concepts of utilizing customized biodegradable cleaning products while operating an efficient cleaning process that respects government regulations while on the job site. The combination creates an attractive market niche that has helped HydroHotshots flourish  in the North Dakota market.

HydroHotshots founders, Brad and Sandra Oswald, say the culmination of company values, industry trends and public appeal has made the company a success in the local market.  HydroHotshots has teamed up with Francorp, Inc. the world’s leading franchise consulting firm, most well known for their track record of success including Jimmy John’s Gourmet Subs, Buffalo Wild Wings and Ace Hardware, in order to quickly grow the company nationwide through franchising.

Economically speaking the timing is ideal to roll out a low cost service franchise concept.  Francorp Senior Vice-President, Harold Miller, says “The fact that the economy is still challenged by uncertainty makes lower cost service franchises much more appetizing to the qualified candidate investing their 401K, savings.  While most companies are cutting back to remain profitable, there is a pool of hard-working individuals who would love to enter a high demand service business with proven economic results.  Although the job market may be ultracompetitive, the franchisee market is ripe with attractive offerings, in this segment.”

Franchising is a method of expansion that allows HydroHotshots to expand their business through offering other individuals the opportunity to operate their own location with the brand, operational knowledge and support of the HydroHotshots team.  Franchisees are granted access to training, operational manuals, marketing expertise and ongoing support developed to help them replicate a HydroHotshots location.

HydroHotshots is registered in North Dakota now and is currently in the process of completing the appropriate documentation required for them to sell franchises throughout small regions in the United States.  As soon as these documents have been completed and filed with the necessary state regulatory agencies, HydroHotshots will be able to further discuss the specifics of their franchise program including initial investment, support schedules, territory and other material items.  At this time, interested parties should complete the form at the bottom of this page or call (701) 223-9055.

About HydroHotshots

HydroHotshots is a North Dakota based exterior power wash and maintenance concept designed to help industrial businesses meet the necessary environmental regulations for the most effective and efficient results to occur.  HydroHotshots brings more to the table than just maintenance skills and cleaning solutions.  HydroHotshots aims to provide the most effective and environmentally friendly customized cleaning products while staying ahead of the curve every way possible whether it be mechanically, chemically, socially, or environmentally.  HydroHotshots is owned by Brad and Sandee Oswald, and has arisen through the simple demand of customer satisfaction.

About Francorp

Francorp Inc., the world’s leading franchise development firm, has 27 offices worldwide and has helped over 3000 companies expand through franchising in over 36 years.  Notable clients include Buffalo Wild Wings, Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches, KFC, AM/PM Mini Marts, Terminix, Mad Science Group and many others. Francorp Inc. serves as a one-stop shop to provide customized franchise program development for the needs of potential franchisors looking to exponentially expand their business.  To learn more about Francorp Inc., their clients, or to inquire about the franchisability of your business, visit www.Francorp.com or call 1-708-481-2900 or toll free 1-800-FRANCHISE (372-6244).

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We are looking for exceptional people to run their own businesses. If you want to be part of something special, if you want to work with a proven system utilizing effective and safe products and if you want to make a difference, we cannot wait to speak to you about the franchise opportunities that HydroHotshots has to offer.

  • You have access to one of the most experienced power washing specialists in the United States.
  • You build yourself into an industry that has seen tremendous growth and is expected to continue growing.
  • You inherit the marketing expertise of an experienced company and team. This experience doesn't just teach you, but goes to bat for you in the marketplace.
  • You get customized products that have been developed to match the services you will provide. These products will set you apart from the competition.

If you purchase a franchise, you own your own business but you are never alone in your business.

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