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Product Pedigree

  1. All detergents are registered with Rocky Mountain Poison Control Center 24/7 medical exposure emergencies. The phone number is on every label and MSDS.
  2. HydroHotshots Detergents is registered with CHEMTREC for 24/7 shipping emergencies in both the US and Canada. The phone number is on every label and MSDS.
  3. Material Safety Data Sheets are made for every product.
  4. Product liability insurance
  5. Scale Stop – Scale Prevention = In HydroHotshots Detergents there is an additive package added to help prevent scale/hard water buildup in heating coils of pressure washers. This is valuable in hard water areas. (Most of the USA) Saves money on maintenance.
  6. Custom Made Surfactants = HydroHotshots Detergents has its primary surfactant system custom made to our specifications. No one else has this system. Readily biodegradable, user friendly.
  7. Highly Concentrated = Many of our detergents have 20% solids or more. These highly concentrated detergents are highly dilatable and do heavy duty cleaning as very dilute solutions. Many of the comparable brands have 10% or less.
  8. Product Literature = Brochure with information on each product and choices for each application
  9. Other Products = We have the capability of making a wide variety of detergents not currently offered. We can do product de-formulation. Make a new product for a new application or equipment.
  10. HydroHotshots Detergents products detergents for Pressure Washers, Automatic Pars Washers, Manual Parts Washers, Dip Tanks, Recycling Systems and Oily Water Separators. We manufacture our detergents to be compatible with the materials of construction of construction of the equipment and to protect and to prolong equipment life. Thirty plus years of success doing this.
  11. Technical Support = Our chemist has over 30 years experience in the industrial detergent industry/pressure washer industry formulating and working with detergents. Our technical staff has over 50 years experience dealing with customer needs.  We can recommend HydruoHotshots Detergents that will provide superior cleaning compared to competitor products. We just need competitors Material Safety Data Sheet and can usually make a recommendation within minutes.
  12. All HydroHotshots packaging meets or exceeds current DOT specifications, for both hazardous and non-hazardous.