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Power Washing Equipment

Our power washing machines exert 500 to 3500 pounds of pressure per square inch while using 5 gallons of water per minute. The water can be heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize or increase cleaning and stripping effectiveness. Heating the water greatly increases the cleaning power of lower pressures. Several different types of water tips, nozzles and commercial biodegradable cleaners are used to increase effectiveness. The cleaner the surface preparation, the longer any finish will last. We often use a berm to capture debris while working on site.

Vacuum Recovery Equipment

Hydrohotshots uses a vacuum recovery process that removes fuel, oil and debris (floor dry, metal filings, woodchips, coal dust etc.) that can’t go down city sewers or that must be recovered and separated.  It is a one step process that washes, rinses, and instantly recovers that waste stream in either 11” (wall) or 24” (floor) paths for proper disposal or treatment. Can also Prepare cement floors to be resealed or etched for sealing, inside or outside. The system uses 200 degree heated water at 5 gallons a minute and it immediately recaptures 98% of the water and steam with no overspray on any flat surface.  The system will even remove and recapture epoxy paint when using heat.  Finally, and most importantly, it creates great economy by saving as much as 20 gallons per minute while using much needed heat.