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Biodegradable Products

Our company carries a full line of bio-degradeable detergents for all of your industrial cleaning needs. We sell a range of competitively priced detergents, everything from heavy degreasers to laundry detergents.

502 Aluma OxiShine

One of the strongest products on the market. Extremely powerful. One application can make oxidized aluminum look brand new. Removes tough smoke, carbon, grease, oils and built-up road film. Does NOT contain Hydrofluoric Acid. Not for use on polished aluminum, glass, or anodized aluminum. Industrial use only. Works well in soft or hard water. Prolongs the life of aluminum.

  • Ideal for: aluminum trailers
  • Description: clear Liquid. 32% actives.
  • Applications:  downstream, pre-spray, cold water.


503 Grease Assassin

505 Revive Anterior Foam

507 Purple Persuasion

Heavy cleaning and degreasing. Effective wetting agent and solvent attack difficult cleaning problems. Completely biodegradable alkaline detergent. Very popular and user friendly. Specifically designed for pressure washers. Exclusive dispersion.

  • Ideal for: metals, painted surfaces, plastics, most industrial equipment including oil field or heavy trucking equipment.
  • Description: clear purple liquid. 19% actives
  • Application: upstream or downstream, cold or hot water

510 Ash Away

Is a heavy, acidic, strong industrial detergent used for removing hard set up concrete It really cleans coils and used to remove fly ash. Removes water scale and rust on metal or glass. Prolongs the life of equipment.

  • Ideal for: Hot Oil Truck Coils
  • Description: clear liquid, 32% actives
  • Application: Downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water

513 Invert Annihilator

Our number one product.  Releases greases and oils quickly. Works great in reclaim systems and with oily water separators. It greatly reduces the smell of invert and breaks down the invert for easier cleaning and disposal. Superior cleaning when compared to salt water cleaning in pipes and there are no salt water disposal costs!

  • Ideal for: oil field equipment, well holes and pipes
  • Description: 11%actuves, clear blue liquid
  • Application: Upstream or downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water.

521 Power Boost

Neutral pH degreaser and detergent booster. For use in heavy-duty degreasing and cleaning.  Releases the natural power of citrus to dissolve grease, grime and tough dirt. Can be used as an additive. Pleasant aroma!

  • Ideal for: commercial trucks, road vehicles and machinery
  • Description: gold liquid. 18% actives.
  • Application: downstream, pre-spray, hot water.

527 Fierce by Friendly Laundry

It is a readily biodegradable laundry detergent designed to be gentile on your clothes (friendly) yet leaves them clean and bright (fierce).  Has extremely free rinsing capabilities which helps prevent skin irritation. Is uniquely blended to provide heavy duty cleaning (fierce) but is still completely safe for skin and clothing (friendly). It also protects machine parts.

  • Ideal for: everything from everyday clothing to industrial clothing
  • Description: 100% actives
  • Application: use only one fourth to one third cup per laundry load

531 Gadget Clean

Parts and floor scrubber soap

531 Gadget Clean

price per 55 gallon bbl is $425.00

531 Gadget Clean

parts ccleaner soap and floor scrubber

570 Bug Blaster

This product contains a rust and corrosion inhibitor package to protect trim and non-painted surfaces. Designed to attack, penetrate, and remove road film and bugs. Mild but protects polished aluminum. Prevents scale buildup from becoming a problem. Phosphate Free!

  • Ideal for: Road vehicles
  • Description: clear green liquid, 14% actives
  • Application: Upstream or Downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water

576 Dragline TAG

Is specifically designed to remove heavy duty greases and tar.  Made with the natural citrus compounds. Is user friendly and environmentally safe. Aggressively attacks tar, asphalt, tree sap, adhesive residues, heavy greases and oils. This is a water rinse formulation. Contains no chlorinated solvents.

  • Ideal for: Draglines, cars, trucks, heavy duty road equipment, plastics and painted surfaces
  • Description: clear liquid, 100% actives.
  • Application: Direct application only

We can develop custom products for all of your needs. Our chemist is the best in the business and we use the products in the field, helping us create the best product for any application.