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HydroHotshots began operations in 1999 as a part-time business. Owner Brad Oswald had just completed the Power and Process Plant Program at BSC and was working in the industrial sector for a company that utilized high-pressure power washers and vacuum recovery trucks. He was concerned about the risk and health issues that were presented while working there. It became apparent to him that the high pressure was dangerous and largely unnecessary. The machines also used far too much precious water. Using a far lower pressure with “green” detergents and heat virtually gave the same results and actually worked better at dissolving grease

In 2001, Brad decided to work full time at the venture. The company, Hotshots spent the next three years focused on the residential and commercial sectors.  Then in 2004, Coteau Freedom Coal Mine contacted the firm and asked if HotShots could clean a conveyor belt cable chain that had been sent from Europe. It was covered with a substance that had protected it from corrosion from the ocean salt water. HotShots had the opportunity to enter the industrial sector when it cleaned the chain beyond the expectations of the North American Coal Company. To this day, Coteau Freedom Mine remains HydroHotshots biggest industrial client.

The company incorporated that same year and became HydroHotshots, Inc.

Other clients include Falkirk and BNI mines, Great River Energy plant, Ottertail Power Plant, and Minnkota Power Plant, Basin Electric and Power Group,

Since then the firm has continued to grow adding the oil sector to its client list. The oil boom has created many challenging markets. The firm works for many exploration and drilling companies including but not limited to Petro Hunt, Continental Exploration companies and H and P and Precision Drilling Companies.